What is Law Of Attraction

The Law of attraction is one of the most recognised universal laws. The Law of Attraction is based on a very simple theory that we are the creator of our realities. Yes, everything that is happening to us is basically because of our own selves. We attract all the positive and negative vibes around us.

As per this theory, we attract everything that we desire and even those elements that we don’t wish for. We are responsible for attracting the people and things around us. All of it is centrally channelized via our thoughts and feelings. As per the law, every positive or negative encounter that has ever occurred to us was attracted by us. You fell ill, well that was attracted by you.

What is Law Of AttractionYou went bankrupt, even that is somehow attracted by you. Yes, every little thing at any random point of time is happening because of us. This law has been there for ages.

The whole point is based on the concept of belief. It states that whatever we believe has the strength to convert itself into reality. As the saying goes, if you believe, sky is the limit. In fact, if you just actually firmly believe something, it’ll transform itself into reality.

With limited beliefs and dreams, we get restricted and so does our wealth and money. With all the positive thoughts in your head, you are a winner already but the tables can turn the other way around as well. With the negative thoughts, you’re inclined to negative stuff like failures, disappointments, loss etc.

If you kept sticking to that ‘lack on’ factor then you are drawing a bad life ahead of you on your own. But having said that, with focus and belief, you can create a happy, content and joyful life ahead of you. In fact, this law has made such a mark that a movie has been made too on the same subject by the name of ‘The Secret’ in 2006 which was based on Rhonda Byrne’s book. With this book, the Law of attraction attained even more popularity.

Top TV shows like The Larry King Show, Ellen & Oprah etc. are some of the most famous talk shows where this theory has been discussed in detail. The law of attraction has three basic steps in it namely ask, believe and receive. I guess, the terms in themselves are self-explanatory.

Here is a brief introduction of these three steps which helps in attracting all your desires and defines the Law of Attraction in a better way:

  • Ask– Yes, it is an important step. You must know what you want and ponder over if you really want it. It forms an important phase where you consider your happiness the priority and recognise what exactly offers you that pleasure in life. As per the law, the Universe can’t deliver without knowing what you want. Once you know what you want and stay intact at it then you are going to attract all the elements pertaining to it.
  • Believe – Here, you will have to believe from the bottom of your heart that yes it will happen. Faith is a big term and you have to put in your faith in the idea. Just keep the doubts and complaints away from your head and ultimate success will be attained.
  • Receive – It is time to reap the fruits. Become an active player and reach your goals. Whenever the opportunity strikes, you must hit it hard and make the full use out of it.

So with this, our session wraps up itself. The inference drawn from the session is that it is solely the YOU factor that overpowers. If you believe that it is going good then it really will turn good or at least the tendency of the positive episodes will raise and same applies otherwise too.

Just put in your belief and focus, you’ll be content at the end of the day.