My Journey with Manifestation Miracle

Here is an article sent by one of my friends. Lets have a look at his honest review :

Name             :   Jane Dawson

Age                  :     30 years

“The only thing that I have been trying since the completion of my university education is a good financial position and a luxurious life. However, I was not successful even after 3 years of completing my studies. I was in a depressed state and my life was in a gloomy, dark hole. I felt it was the end for me and I had nowhere to go. Everyone suggested me to apply the Law of Attraction in my life but the similar procedures failed to interest me and showed no result. Manifestation of huge amount of wealth seemed almost impossible for me.”

One Decision that changed my Life

“The feeling of being a loser almost killed me and I was sad and depressed. I was not at all ready to accept my failure.”

Hello my name is Jane, a 30 year old blogger. I was not the same person as I am today a few years back. I was lazy and was almost in a depressed state of mind due to various problems. My life was in a dark deep hole amid nowhere to turn. I studied numerous books and courses and attended numerous seminars but of no use. I also went through numerous websites that taught me how to apply the Law of Attraction in your life, but in most of the cases I found the techniques are all revised work that existed a century ago.

My Journey with The Manifest Miracle program

All the things that I went through are not wrong as the Law of Attraction works in the same way as described. The thing that matters the most is the quality of teaching. I have actually went through near about 30 books and consulted innumerable courses that related to the Law of Attraction including the processes of manifesting your wealth, manifesting your destiny as well as to believe in that universal power. After going through so many stuffs I was in a position to understand well the most effective style of teaching this life changing course. So, the only thing that caught my attraction after such things is The Manifest Miracle program which was a totally different approach to work with the Law of Attraction.

Manifestation-EbookI was only half way through the book as well as the video with it and I can feel amazing changes in my life. I was enjoying each aspect of the program right from the very beginning. I noticed numerous improvements in my life mainly in the financial sector. It was almost like a magic that things started to change when I was just half way of the book.

I was thanking Heather for this wonderful approach that was almost like a blessing to my life. Listening to the audio book during my workouts was a pure bliss. I almost made it a routine to play the audio book regularly during my workout time. I even noticed a change in my level of happiness. I loved to go out and started enjoying my life. My relationships also changed and went on going better and as I said earlier my income went on gradually. My finances went up gradually and even bought the best model of the Ferrari.

Today I am a successful blogger and extremely grateful to Magic Miracle. This is no doubt a unique program and even after I have finished reading the book for the first time I opened it from the first page to read it again. I have stated reading the document yesterday and this is the 3rd time I am reading it. Every time I read it I keep on discovering new things. This book has surely delivered me much more than I expected.

“I am successful in making my dream come true with the help of this amazing program.”

How did the Journey of Manifest Miracle Start?

Matthews-highest-resHeather Matthews who was a well acclaimed life and energy coach and also an influential speaker designed the Manifest Miracle.Only a couple of years back, Ms. Matthews was a lady who, on the outside seemed to have everything, an extraordinary employment, acquiring incredible cash, a content relationship, new house and great companions.

Anyway, truly, she was on medicine for tension and melancholy, she was working 60 hours for every week, she started creating wrinkles lines between her eyes from frowning constantly, she was in individual obligation that neared $20,000, she got up every morning with a bone-profound feeling of uneasiness, and a sore jaw from pounding her teeth throughout the night.This no doubt gives an exceptionally troubled picture.A meeting with a holistic mentor helped Heather put two and two together.

He clarified that the Law of Attraction isn’t about exertion and investing more energy. “The individuals who work the hardest frequently wind up with the minimum”, he advised her. After his brief clarification of what was missing, Heather instinctually detected it could work for her and now she is offering it to other.


This is the Internet’s exceptionally popular asset on the utilization and use of the Law of Attraction. It is intended to help anybody to instantly draw in more achievement, riches, and euphoria into their lives. Manifest Miracle makes this possible without diligent work, without any prolonged representation sessions, and without making a tough attempt by any means.

What is exceptional about this project is the thing that the creator calls “the missing ingredient” in the Law of Attraction. It’s something many refer to as ‘Fate Tuning’, and its utilization, as indicated in this system will essentially ensure accomplishment in all aspects of your life. Without it and its utilization, the Law of Attraction will never work for you. In any case, once you have realized this mystery and begin utilizing it, you can literally forget hard work and tension. This project will control you in carrying on with the life you were bound to live.

Items those are included in this book are-

  • The Manifest Miracle Secret Course book- this is a book with 162 pages rich in information of the program and various exercises. An audio version of the book. Access to the online chapters of the Recap videos.
  • Abundant success work book- this is a workbook with 69 pages that is designed to offer you a kick start in applying the course as directed.
  • Abundant Wealth MindTracks- a 4 mins long audio file with positive back-up message.
  • Love and Happiness Super MindTracks- a 5 mins long video file with positive back-up message.
  • Money Mind Flood System- a video file which is 2.5 hours long and carries business strategies, money making strategies, personal development and investment that is based on the principles of Manifest Miracle.
  • The Powerhouse Guide for Health, Vitality and Disease Reversal- a book with 16 pages that discuses about the techniques that are designed to bring about an overall mental, physical as well as spiritual improvement through the connection of the body and mind.
  • How to Reboot your Metabolism- a guide book with 37 pages which focuses on the proper food you should eat and the proper exercise that you should go to keep your path of happiness intact.


The Manifest Miracle has gained popularity since its publication and has got numerous positive sides. The book is written in a user friendly language that is easily understandable. The met5hods discussed are also very simple to apply. It can start working at any stage of life only if you have the willingness to apply the Law of Attraction in your life. Prior knowledge of the theory is not mandatory.

All the contents of the program are produced excellently and are all unique developed by Heather Matthews. The entire book is available at an affordable price unlike other programs where you need to pay hundreds of dollars.

The book also comes with a 100% money back guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with the program you can email your problem to Heather and she will immediately refund your money without any hassle.


You must remember that this book is not a magic wand. You must be patient to see the results in your life. Performing your daily exercises will take time. You must dedicate a good amount of time to your techniques and exercises. As this is a life changing that you have taken so you must keep patience to achieve greater results than you expected. So, this might not be the right option for those who are looking for an immediate result.

The optional membership program that comes with this book is a bit more costly. Another short coming of the book is that it is available only in the digital version which might seem a little awkward to some people.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to change your life with the blessing of the Law of Attraction then Manifest Miracle is the perfect book that you need. I am benefited to a great extent and will suggest this to everyone else who is fighting to make their life smooth.

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