Manifestation Miracle Guide

8 Steps You Must Follow to Master the Art of Manifestation

Manifestation MiracleArt of Manifestation Miracle – a guide to take you on the virtual tour of the feel good factor. A program that’ll help you to rejuvenate life as a whole and lets you inculcate all the great factors in life. It’ll direct you to look at your life with zeal, enthusiasm and attract contentment around. Life is full of wonderful things and it is essential for every individual to realize the beauty that every little thing has stored in it. Continue reading

What is Law Of Attraction

The Law of attraction is one of the most recognised universal laws. The Law of Attraction is based on a very simple theory that we are the creator of our realities. Yes, everything that is happening to us is basically because of our own selves. We attract all the positive and negative vibes around us.

As per this theory, we attract everything that we desire and even those elements that we don’t wish for. We are responsible for attracting the people and things around us. All of it is centrally channelized via our thoughts and feelings. As per the law, every positive or negative encounter that has ever occurred to us was attracted by us. You fell ill, well that was attracted by you. Continue reading