Bonus and Offers – Manifestation Miracle Program

Instant Online Access to Manifestation MiracleManifestation miracle is a complete package of selected products with the sole purpose of educating people about the methods and techniques in utilizing the laws of attraction.

It might seem a mammoth task to some people as harnessing the inner strength and utilizing it is not a matter of joke. Manifestation miracle is the secret to harnessing this inner power and using it to realize the dreams and desires of a person.

This program is well received among its readers. But this is not the only thing one gets when they are purchasing the product. Heather Matthews, the author, has also thrown in a number of other special books which will help a person strengthen their inner power.


Heather Matthews is not only giving the manifestation miracle program for download, but is also providing with three other selective books which the customer can choose out of five possible choices. All of them are audio books and also top favorites of the author. These books are:

  1. Money and Law of Attraction, by Ester and Jerry Hicks- This one of the best works of Ester and Jerry Hicks. The book deals with the teachings of Abraham. It teaches non-physical consciousness and merges two very important topics, laws of attraction and physical & financial well-being.
  2. Law of Success, by Napoleon Hill- This book was first published in the year 1925 in the form of 15 separate parts. This is an edited version which contains the findings and teachings of all the 15 booklets published. This is a self-motivational book which helps the reader to succeed in life in whichever field he or she wants.
  3. Neuro Linguistic Programming, by NLP Comprehensive- This book has already helped people increase confidence, achieve success, enrich relationships and overcome fear. NLP is the new secret to success of self-believing and self-motivation. It is a hypnotic process used by a number of top psychologists and psychiatrists to treat patients having depression and anxiety. With the help of this book, one can learn it to make themselves stronger and use their minds to the highest potential to succeed in their chosen work.
  4. The 4 Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferriss- This is the perfect stepwise guide to luxury in life. Everyone wants luxury in their lives and strive to achieve it. Timothy Ferriss teaches the secrets to gain everything in the earliest possible time. It provides with easy ways to increase the income of a person that gradually help them to realize their luxurious dreams well before the intended time.
  5. The Silva Method-Unlocking the Genius Within, by Jose Silva- This is one of the world’s best audio programs that teaches self-mastery. It has been put together by the best motivational speakers and personal development coaches. Knowledge of the Silva method gives one the ability to harness into the great powers of creativity and intuition within us and utilize it to work on various aspects of life to make it better.